Watch your “friends”

AS you may or may not know 2 weeks ago I was involved in an auto accident which totaled my car. We are fine just a few bruises and shaken up .The car is totaled broken axle drivers side door smashed in brake lines severed rim bent Since I work in Massachusetts I had to suspend work as I have no way to get here . Anyway I Posted at least 4 times during the week that I needed a ride to the NOBARC ham fest last Sunday.

I even offered to pay for Gas there and back . The only response I got was from one person who said i Needed to plan these better. what the hell are you smoking . I told this so-called “friend” that this was planned for 2  months prior to the accident .

I know that a couple of my “friends” went to the ham fest because I saw pics of them there and they are on my fb friends list. so they can’t tell me that there is no way the didn’t see my posts. and the kicker is since they live west of me in Albany they actually had to come this way to get to mass. It was not out of their way to come pick me up since i would have paid for their gas and admission tot he ham fest.

I only used them as a last resort as i checked buses no stops at Adams . Tried to rent a car Alamo don’t like visa credit card even though the agreed to the reservation through Expedia . even thought of renting a uhaul just to get there

when all else failed i even called uber at 6 am Sunday morning only to find the drivers {yes plural} did not want to drive there at 60 bucks a pop .

then when I told My “friend” all of this after the fact he said well if I had known I would have rented a car and came and got you.

HUH what lets review ]

He knew I was in an accident 2 weeks ago .

He knew the car was totalled

I posted it on fb for 2 weeks what happened ,

I talked to him in zello extensively for 2 weeks about every thing i was trying to do to get to not only the ham fest but to work as well .

then on Sunday morning he said  if  knew you would have rented a car to come get me .


Then I have so-called fiends who just plainly ignored my posts on fb and on the radio .

And I know he read them and as it seems that my life is very intresting to some people . things i do spread like wild fire in the ham community. how do I know . i was on the crusie in the hudson 2 weeks ago and one of the hams on the boat came up to me and and said ” i heard you were moving to mass ” now i havent told talked to his ham about it and unless he heard it on the raido. there is no way he could have known.

which brings me to my second point if people who listen more then they talk were listening on the radio. any one of them could have messaged me and said hey i heard you need a ride . I am going that way ill pick you up and take you .


So I guess the moral of the story is Keep your enemies close Keep your friends closer .

And yes I did say that right  . and it means you know your enemies are gonna stab you in the back . but you don’t expect your Friends to do it.

I thought friends are supposed to be there in time of need I guess I was wrong .and the fact a couple of these friends are actually my ham club members.

shows you the state of ham radio today which I keep talking about all the time’

Keep in mind I was gonna pay for gas both ways and their admission to the Ham fest.

So for your own sake watch the people who call you a friend. You will see how much of a friend they are when you are in time of need .

I wont post their names here {yet} they know who they are. but if you really want to know message me privately and ill drop some calls on you . Yes they are hams .


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