Hamshack Hotline



Hamshack Hotline29100984_1431699513624133_8784433689416366712_n
The newest and oldest come together to make emergency communications more
efficient. K1WIZ John Rogers came up with a brilliant idea. He thought that wouldn’t it
be great to institute a Asterisk PBX VoIP system, that would augment our efficiency for
ARES and RACES with Emergency Management Agencies and their Emergency
Operation Centers.
When a disaster or large scale event hits your local area, chaos ensues. Your
public safety networks become overburdened. Why not have a back channel that reduces
the on the air traffic by using the Hamshack Hotline? It uses a SIP phone such as the
Cisco SPA-303, which is easily purchased on Ebay for some really short money.
When we are in the process of communicating in a disaster, or large scale event
we are usually using the Incident Command Structure. Depending on scale of event we
may have multiple layers in the command, which can create an enormous amount of
radio traffic. By using the Hamshack Hotline much of the administrative and managerial
work can be done there, creating less radio traffic, but more efficient radio traffic.
Check us out: https://Hamshackhotline.com


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